Waste Heat Recovery

Thermal and Pressure Management Valves

GT are currently at the leading edge of waste heat recovery systems design with a number of our customers benefiting from these developments.


Our range of valves include:

WHR Turbine and/or Expander Bypass Valves

  • Controlling both liquid and vapour phase at high temperature and pressure.
  • Operating pressure ranges are up to 60 bar

WHR Exhaust Bypass Valve

  • Diverting the exhaust stream controlling the collection of thermal energy
  • Generation of back pressure
  • Multi-port options available

WHR Proportional Diverter Valves

  • Proportional flow diversion
  • Controlling refrigerants, Ethanol’s etc.

WHR Pressure Relief Check Valve

  • Restricting pressure and flow throughout the system

WHR Emergency Relief Valve

Protecting the system from over pressure

Pressures to suit individual application


Applications include on highway and non mobile plant applications.


GT Emissions Systems waste heat recovery valves are used in the collection of generated heat that can be converted into either mechanical or electrical energy.

This reduces the power requirement from the engine resulting in:-

  • Lowering fuel consumption
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Potentially downsizing engine capacity