Exhaust Brakes

Exhaust Brakes

GT Exhaust Brakes assist the retardation of vehicles by controlling engine exhaust back pressure.


The unique patented design incorporates an off-set spindle modulating control to give optimum exhaust braking across a range of engine speeds. GT can customise the design to suit your engine installation.


Wide range of exhaust brakes with a variety of drive actuators available including:-

*Pneumatic Drive exhaust brakes used for on-highway applications where an air compressor is on board the vehicle. Air pressure is applied to activate the exhaust brake by the driver, with the back pressure on the engine being controlled automatically by GT’s unique patented off-set butterfly flap.

*Additional features of pneumatic actuation can be gained when the actuator pressure is controlled by a closed loop feedback PWM% or CAN J1939 signal linked with the engine management system. These types of exhaust brakes are operating successfully in the field following extensive development and validation programmes.

*Electronic Drive exhaust brakes are used for both on and off-highway vehicle applications. Smart electrical drives are available that can precisely control the opening and closing position of the exhaust brake.


The benefits of a GT exhaust brake are;

  • Improved vehicle control
  • Improved retardation across the full range of engine speeds.
  • Reduced risk of brake fade on continuous gradients
  • Reduced primary brake wear and maintenance costs
  • Reduced emissions on cold start-up
  • Customised products to match individual engine and vehicle requirements.
  • Can incorporate injectors, lambda, pressure and temperature sensors.