Thermal and Pressure Management Valves

Thermal and Pressure Management Valves

GT thermal and pressure management valves are used to condition the exhaust stream where active or passive regeneration is required to reduce particulate matter and diesel emissions.


The thermal management valve is used to meter the pressure and temperature of the exhaust stream. In conditioning the exhaust stream the thermal management valve can help achieve the elevated temperatures required for regeneration.

The elevated temperature will allow the suspended vapour particles in the exhaust stream to reach the catalyst at the correct temperature to assist the chemical breakdown process.


The Thermal Management Valve can be used on all engine applications such as on /off highway, marine and non-mobile plant and equipment.


Benefits of GT thermal management valves include;

  • Engine range 4ltr to 16 ltr
  • Cost effective solution to assist your engine emissions strategy
  • Integrated bespoke solution
  • Available in a range of bore sizes
  • Activation either Pneumatically, Electronic Smart Drive or Hydraulic