Research & Development

Research and Development

Research and development is a key part of GT’s strategy and has made significant investment in this area to drive innovation and new product design for emissions control valves.

Comprehensive development, test and validation facilities are in place making GT a key player in this very demanding market.

Hot Gas testing of exhaust valves forms a key part of GT’s product evaluation programme providing a valuable resource for its customers.

Salt Spray rig for accelerated corrosion testing of GT Emissions Systems exhaust control valves.

Design Software Validation Approved Tests
Catia Endurance Test Thermal Cycling (-40ºC to 850ºC)
Siemens NX
Pro E
PTC Creo
70.4% Thermal Shock Loading
Autocad Inventor Vibration test and simulation
Arizona dust test Dynamic and G Testing
Solid Works Corrosion Testing Salts spray and corrosion testing
Tribology and Ware
Flow simulation
CFD Techniques Pressure drops and leakage
FEA Fatigue testing