EGR Valve Systems

EGR Valve Systems

GT design and manufacture Emissions Control Systems for On and Off Highway Vehicle market to enable the world’s major OEM’s meet stringent International Emission Standards. (Euro 6, Tier 4 Final, pPNLT)


At the forefront of Emissions Control Technology, GT has proven EGR systems fully operational in the field. Developments are already completed for EGR systems that are compliant with international emissions targets Euro 6, Tier 4 and pPNLT.

EGR Valves (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves) precisely measure a proportion of the exhaust gas which is then passed through a cooler and recirculated back into the combustion chamber. This reduces the NOX emissions. The proven GT EGR system provides a reliable means of precisely controlling the exhaust gas flows in a very hostile and high temperature environments.

More advanced options of exhaust gas re-circulation systems can be offered including cooler by-pass systems.


GT’s range of EGR Valves are used on 4 to 16 litre engines and include;

  • Hot Side EGR Valves
  • Cold Side EGR Valves
  • Pneumatic Actuated EGR Valves (On/Off Highway Applications)
  • Electronically Actuated EGR Valves (On/Off Highway Applications)